The Quiet Activist

The Quiet Activist

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

In Sheep's Clothing

Anyone who is not familiar with the Jehovah's Witnesses (JWs) and their organization and leadership, may not be aware they are dealing with a narcissistic society. 

The JW leadership called the Governing Body (GB) and their adjacent partners that actually run the business side of the JW Society, that being the stockholders and investors from the founding of the religious movement, are based on a narcissistic system of things. It is all about how you the sheep can serve the master organization [I use the term society since that is one of their incorporated names, i.e., the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society].

The masters leading the society are always figuratively beating the sheep into submission and mandate they blindly follow whatever instructions they are given as dictated through the leadership and dispensing "food" at the proper time by the GB. The sheep must serve the GB while they continue to offer that carrot on a string leading to nothing but a false hope of a paradise on earth where no one has to die and will simply go from this system of things into a cleansed earth that will soon be made into a global paradise. The society states that only those elderly will die now and maybe because of some unforeseen occurrence, but the majority of the JWs will never die. Keep in mind, their carrot of everlasting life on a paradise earth is not provable, not quantifiable, and it can't be actually planned for like you would plan on building your own home. It is not real, not tangible. The sheep simply serve the master until they die like all that is living will eventually die off and allow for new growth, which is a concept the born-in and raised JW cannot fully fathom.

However, the narcissist JW organization is all about what you the sheep can do for them. End of story. There is no more to this scenario that has been put in place and has been successful for over a 100 years and counting. The JW leadership have amassed great global wealth off of feeding fear to the flock of sheep. Yes it has been said, if you want to get rich, start a religion. It is a very sad commentary on humans who are so desperate to follow someone and will give their money and labor to countless religious movements. Of course, I can only speak from the perspective of being born-in and raised as a JW and that is my experience and point of reference.

If you need some help in this area, seek out a few books dealing with narcissism. It can be argued that all of us have that trait since obviously, we look out for ourselves and want the best for our lives. But generally, we are a composite person, we have ranges within our personality and not only care about ourselves, but about other people in our lives. However, the JW Society is not like this. It is all one-sided to their benefit, not yours. They keep money flowing in only one direction, and that leads to them, not you.

Nowhere does the scriptures tell a person they will never die. Only Satan the Devil in the Garden of Eden told Eve she would never die if she ate of the fruit that was forbidden by God. Obviously, she didn't die that minute, she lived out her earthly life and died and that was it. Same with her family and all of us humans down to this day. If you don't believe in the scriptures well then you probably are not a JW anyway but perhaps you have family in the society. So it's best to realize that you are dealing with sheep that are blindly following a narcissistic leadership. 

A part of the waking up process with indoctrinated JWs is to finally realize you've been had. It was difficult for me to realize that as I was finally doing my own research into the occult roots of the JWs and later as the religion grew and became very wealthy, found out they were merely a money making pyramid scheme with a complicated corporate structure that was designed to keep holding out that carrot of never dying and never delivering on that promise while they collected dough from me and everyone attending those Kingdom Halls (KH) week after week. They used to constantly announce from the platform that you are not in that KH seat for nothing, you have to pay for it. There are maintenance costs for the building you are sitting in, heating, lighting, a/c, and that even though you sit there and enjoy the spiritual food which is provided freely, you've got to pay to sit in that KH. Also, we were required to pay for the Watch Tower literature [on a donation basis] that was used as study material and the literature we placed at doors when in the field ministry work. What about the special donation fundraising drive when the KH needed a remodel? You had to commit to a certain dollar amount each month until the work was completed.

Falling prey to a narcissist is very easy to do. You don't even realize they are clinically considered one until maybe it's too late and you've got to figure out how to extricate yourself from them. A narcissist does not change, you do. You either do what they tell you to do or you've got to free yourself from their enslavement. Do not take these people lightly. They study you and figure out your weaknesses and play those notes over and over again. The JW Society is no different. The notes they play are your inward fears, phobias, personality flaws, upbringing, social status, and may use their family against you and make you paranoid thinking everyone is out to get you and only the society is on your side. The JW Society tells you that you are bad, sinful, not good enough, and that you constantly need to earn your salvation only through them, not through God or Christ. Money is at the core of all this where you start to believe you can pay your way into that earthly new system of things by giving your money and possessions to the Watch Tower corporation.

My suggestion to you is to start reading books or viewing videos on the topic of narcissism. Who are you looking towards for advice with leaving the JWs? Do they set themselves up as an authority on the JWs when they were actually kicked out of the organization at a fairly young age? Why were they kicked out? Does it matter? Do they hide it? What experience do these people have? Do they only direct you to their own nonprofit cash grab scheme set up by other ex-cult members and ask for money? I can't answer these questions for you. But take a step back before looking for another narcissist to lead you out of the JW Society. 

You do not realize how strong you are on your own once you begin to wake up from JW indoctrination and from the constant rhetoric you hear from the KHs and at the regional conventions. You will find that you are able to think for yourself and conduct your own line of reasoning on various topics, not just about the JWs. Look at some non-JWs for advice on leaving a narcissist. You will find it does relate to the Watch Tower organization and perhaps relates to some setting up their own ex-JW organization themselves and have little interest in helping you find the path to your own personal freedom where you are in charge of your own destiny.

My background is with riding and jumping horses and I participated in a few small local horse shows. I draw on that past to drive me forward without needing to lean on any type of narcissistic leader. I think back about how I found the courage to pursue my love of horses and reach my goal of participating and winning ribbons at horse shows while still adhering to my strict JW routine and indoctrination. I wish I had found the courage to leave the JWs and pursue a college education and a career around horses or just have a career that could support my riding and owning a horse. We were not wealthy growing up. I worked at the stables to pay for my riding lessons and at one time shared expenses with a "worldly" girl who owned horses. How foolish she must have thought I was to have to constantly race home for meetings at the KH or go out in the door-to-door ministry work. I feel embarrassed now how I was so blindly following the JW organization leading to nothing but a life of struggling to work at a boring job, living month to month, never having a career or profession, just a job to pay the bills. Yes, I regret those days but you don't have to. You can learn from my experiences.

What interests did you have growing up? Riding horses, drawing, painting, or hiking? How about taking up a hobby like swimming or running mini-marathons in your community? You need to get in touch with that person inside of you that's still there, whether you are still trapped inside the narcissistic JW organization or looking for that open gate leading you to your own personal freedom. Don't hesitate and don't let fear define you. Sit down and start a journal. What are your hopes for the future? What ex-JW experiences can you draw from that will help you on your personal journey? Are you following some ex-JWs who are still living at home with their JW family and still being financially supported by those JWs? Why? Where are they headed? Do they have a future that you want to duplicate? Probably not. 

I wish you luck and much health and happiness as we start this new year and hopefully,  we can all look back on a year well spent. Like the caption of an illustration says at the footer of this blog, you aren't what's happened to you, you are how you've overcome it.