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The Quiet Activist

Friday, October 5, 2018

Bully Activism

Bullies are always a problem, whether it's in the work place or at school, and more people are becoming aware that you stand up to bullying tactics. If you can't personally stop that bully, you get help from a teacher, a co-worker, a boss, even authorities if the bullying becomes life-threatening. Such tactics exist in the ex-Jehovah's Witness (JW) community even though some claim there is no such community.

Everyone has the right to speak out against the religion in which they were born and raised since it was not of our choice. Once we reach adulthood, we have the free choice to walk away, even if that choice costs us our family and maybe even our livelihood. We have a chance now to speak out, whether it's on social media, blogging, websites, or holding up a sign on a public street to express ourselves about the damaging effects of an organization. Of course, I am speaking from the perspective of being born and raised in the JW religion. I have chosen to speak out via this blog and have many stories to share in my upcoming book that also features real-life practical suggestions for exiting the religion based on my own personal experiences.

However, some men inside the organization who I have known personally, simply bullied their way into the leadership position in the Kingdom Hall known as being an Elder. The Elders are the bosses in the Kingdom Halls and implement the rules, regulations, and policies of the Governing Body (GB) of JWs, who now reside at the world headquarters in Warwick, New York. Whatever the GB says, goes, and the Elders are the local enforcers of those rules handed down by the GB either in written letters to the congregations, or via the literature that is studied by the congregations at the meetings each week.

Some in the ex-JW community were former Elders who were forcibly deleted in their congregation, meaning, they were summarily thrown out for conduct unbecoming of a Christian and were forced to disassociate from the organization or face a formal disfellowshipping procedure where the Elder Body kicks you out of the organization and no active JW is allowed to speak with you unless it's your marriage mate or kids.

Bullies are always bullies, and I am sharing an excerpt from an article written by Alexandra James on her Facebook page about one such bully [my term, not hers]. James Lloyd Evans appears to have deemed himself some sort of leader of the ex-JW community who demands an answer ASAP from certain organizations who failed to respond to an article he wrote on his blog site about the Watchtower, December 2018 Study Edition, in which he Tweeted about. As if the entire world is to stop for a blog entry about a Watchtower article. Sorry, but the world is busy with its own problems and hardly takes notice of a Society that is dwindling to nothing save for the lawsuits that make it in the press when a victim of abuse has the courage to take Watchtower to court and in most cases, they slay the beast.

It seems James Lloyd Evans, a.k.a., John Cedars, does not like to be ignored even though he ignored my email inquiries until I finally sent a final email alerting him to the fact that he stole my idea for what would become his second book, that was the only time he took time to respond, yet he used his bullying tactics and I got the verbal smack down from this former Elder who apparently could not handle being ousted from the JW organization he was born into, and thinks he is a self-appointed Elder of the ex-JW community doling out discipline at his proper time. The blog entry where I talk about my experience with Evans can be found here:

Apparently, Evans had delusions of reaching lofty heights in the organization in his birthplace in England and was summarily shown the door. There have been other ex-JWs who have shared comments on various social media sites claiming the same thing, how Evans ignored them or responded with sharp verbal blows cutting them in half. Evans has gone so far as to charge people a fee for their story to appear in his second book, something that further victimizes the people fleeing the Watch Tower. 

Below is an excerpt with a link provided of the commentary written by Alexandra James on her Facebook site. She also has a website called Lloyd Evans can ignore everyone else who contacts him via the published email address on his blog, yet when he contacts organizations who ignore him, he does a countdown and starts his bullying claims, by saying certain organizations are promoting women staying with their abusers by refusing to speak out against a Watchtower article that they are not even aware exists. Even if they are aware of it, what can they do? Nothing, they are busy helping victims of all kinds of abuse no matter what their religious affiliations. I see Evans will not be ignored when he has a warped view of the whole issue. This is called Bully Activism on the part of Lloyd Evans.

The full story is here:

If you are a victim of abuse, do not suffer in silence, do not seek help from any JW or ex-JW on the Internet. Go to a trusted friend's house, a hospital, or a counselor. If you are in immediate peril, phone the police or dial 9-1-1 on any phone if you are in the United States. You probably don't realize how strong you are and can find your own path to freedom, both physical and spiritual.

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