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The Quiet Activist

Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Snake's Head

The cable TV channel "A&E" is airing a series called "Cults and Extreme Belief" and the second episode featured Jehovah's Witnesses (JW). It featured a woman named Romy who detailed her personal experiences as being raised in the JW belief system by her mother. Romy was also a victim of a male molester inside her congregation from about 4 to 14 years old. Romy has since posted her segment from A&E on her Facebook site which is public, and I think anyone who has not seen it, should sit down and watch it and truly think about the JW religion, especially if that person is still considered a part of the membership and supports them either by their weekly presence in a Kingdom Hall and/or by their monetary support of their so-called worldwide preaching work.

I know, we hear that many institutions whether considered Christian or not, have bad seeds inside their organizations. While that may be true, why does it excuse the JWs from their alleged cover-ups of child molesters? It doesn't. You can make all the excuses in the world and it just proves what kind of person you are inside. You do not want to support any organization that hides and protects not only child molesters, but abusers of any kind, even those abusing their own spouse. All these sins and crimes are dealt with by the Body of Elders in each congregation, based on the policies put in writing by the JW Governing Body, the group of men leading the organization through the end times of this system of things that they think is so wicked that their God Jehovah will destroy all non-JWs at Armageddon. Yes, those baptized abusers and molesters inside those Kingdom Halls will get into the JW new earthly or heavenly system of things before you dear reader, if you are not a baptized JW and contribute your money to further their global recruiting mission.

After Romy gave most of her life away to the JW organization she stated she wanted to go to the snake's head and actually try and speak with a member of the Governing Body to hand that man her disassociation letter from the organization. She showed up at the compound gates at the JW world headquarters in Warwick, NY, and was met by a guard at the gate who said no one was available to speak with her, yet she could wait inside her car outside of the [prison] gate and he would see if anyone was available to speak with her.

After waiting for several minutes, Romy again approached the guard who stated that no one is available to speak with her. Right, no one. Not any of the hundreds of JWs living there full time at the headquarters compound were willing to step outside and drive to the entrance gates to take Romy's disassociation letter in person. So Romy left it with the guard at the gate and went home.

This is the organization that you have devoted your life to, given of your free time, your own resources, paying for all of the recruitment activities out of your own pocket, aside from paying all of your rent or mortgage, food, gas, clothing, and having a full-time job to support yourself and your family, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society could not care less. They are takers. When you finally wake up to the fact you were taken, they want nothing to do with you, they write you off, shun you, ignore you, and bully you into silence or face further penalties and group shunning by those still in the JW belief system.

It is a reality we have all had to face when we are finally old enough to understand the JW organization that we were born into. A lot are like me, born and raised into this archaic, abusive belief system thinking we have nowhere to go. What we do know is that we can leave. We can put down that Watchtower literature, walk out of that Kingdom Hall for the very last time and never look back. If any of your JW friends or family still want to speak with you, that's fine, but you are walking away with or without them. It means your future health and happiness to walk out.

Where will you go? That is the pleasant adventure that awaits you. Don't jump into any other religious belief system, don't jump into therapy, take a beat, think about your priorities first. Most of us have to work for a living so that is where to start. Are you doing okay at work? Could you think about going back to school? Do not immediately jump on a YouTube channel and sit in front of a camera 24/7 picking apart Watchtower and failing at your own personal life and jeopardizing your future. 

I have suggested this many times on this blog, and that is to start a journal of what is going on with your thoughts as you leave the Watchtower corporation. I have also suggested journal statement starters on my website [see sidebar of this blog]. That is how I started. I now have a several journals that I look back on, to see what I was thinking when I first left the JW belief system. I still write down my thoughts and impressions each week, especially when I start feeling alone or over tired. Start putting words to paper and not always be plugged into electronics which raises the blood pressure and makes you feel rushed or that you have to handle multiple things at once.

There is no rush after you leave the falling towers of false belief. That is where the JWs want you to be, in a corner feeling trapped and alone, anxious of what you will do tomorrow. Do not get caught up in that. You have time to take a step back and think. That's where your true inspirations will come as to what you want your next step in life to be. I have been asked about medicating yourself and no, I do not suggest this nor do I think drinking alcohol is the answer. It can lead to an unwanted addiction and will mask your true thoughts that need to come to the forefront. If you engage in any type of illegal drug activity, remember that many of those drugs merge the conscious and subconscious mind into one which is dangerous and why you hear of some drug addicts jumping off of buildings to their death.

The subconscious mind keeps you safe. For instance, when you hop in that car every morning on your way to work, you never consciously have to think about how to do that. You don't stop and stare at the ignition and deliberately think about how to start your car, you just do it. When you are driving, your subconscious mind already knows the way to work, how to look out for traffic signals, it's all seamless. When you are on some type of drug that removes those barriers, you think you can fly. You will drive as if no one else is on the road and will quickly be in a head-on collision. So there is a reason our conscious and subconscious minds are kept separate. Do not confuse this with dealing with the shadow side of your personality. Our personalities are molded by those around us since birth. It's up to you to discover that person inside of you that was repressed by being a JW all of your life. This can reveal good and bad things about yourself. So don't be afraid to start thinking about that person inside of you, absent the rhetoric you were fed from the Watchtower corporation.

It is an amazing journey you will embark upon, once you decide to back away from the head of the snake and seek out a safe path to your own personal freedom.

Don't run, jump over, or touch the snake to move it
out of your path. It can leap and strike double its length
to your peril. Slowly back away to safety. 

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