The Quiet Activist

The Quiet Activist

Sunday, February 17, 2019


We all need connections in our lives to move forward and to feel motivated, especially for those who may be fearful of leaving the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society, a book publishing and religious marketing company who now seem to be real estate moguls. All of the buying and selling of their Kingdom Halls and Assembly Halls just pad their already huge bank accounts, all built using our money. 

Yes, if you were ever a fully indoctrinated and devout Jehovah's Witness (JW), you did indeed donate tons of cash over many years to that organization and you will never see a return on that investment. What happens is, you watch that investment being sold off and the Watch Tower corporation is the one benefiting financially while you sit there with your same job, same economic situation, and wonder what happened. 

Well, like me, you may have been born and raised as a JW and knew no better about what to do with your life, you never learn goal-setting unless it was to further the interests of the Watch Tower corporation [not even realizing they are made up of multiple corporations, all designed to make tons of money for the corporations]. If you are struggling with connecting with someone following your major decision of exiting the Watch Tower, you are invited to connect with me at any time, either via the comments section of this blog or on my website My website offers a lot of free information and downloads along with a fun section on health and wellness as suggestions only. I am not a licensed therapist, counselor, nor a life coach. Just sharing information with you based on my personal experiences and personal suggestions. The website is not meant to replace any advice from a licensed health care professional.

My suggestion to you is that if you have suffered trauma inside the JW organization, no matter if it is physical, sexual, or emotional, to seek out a licensed health care professional, NOT a life coach or someone who took an online course and have deemed themselves healers.  Life coaches are like career counselors that may guide you into a vocation, like carpenter or mathematician, not healing trauma suffered at the hands of abusers either inside your family or the JW organization.

I have suggested YouTube sites in the footer of this blog that do contain life coaching, however, they assist you with moving on from the JW structured lifestyle, not healing deep emotional scars from being physically or sexually abused. Please seek out a licensed physician, psychiatrist, or counselor to help you heal. Then think about looking into where you want to go in life, what occupation would be suited for you, maybe think about going back to school and furthering your education.

No one should feel alone in this world, but especially to those who were damaged by the Watch Tower, whose tower(s) seem to be falling all around us what with Kingdom Hall closures all over the nation, the Society eliminating a lot of print copies of their publications, and they seem to want everything done via your electronic device, with only human contact being in the Kingdom Hall with phony people sprinkled around gabbing about nothing and accomplishing nothing in their lives with no goals for the future but sitting and waiting for God.

I have come to the realization that some people need to be cut off from your life or simply nudged off to one side of your road to personal freedom. Don't feel guilty, don't become mean or bitter, just start clearing a path for yourself where you are the focus, not an organization that just wants your youth, time, and money. As I have said on this blog more than once, you are stronger than you think you are. You don't need some YouTuber to yell orders at you about what to do, think or feel. You don't need some YouTuber hoarding money in some international locale telling you to dump Christianity or to stop believing in a God while they plagiarize information from the Internet or other published sources and slap their name on it claiming it's their work product.

What do you need? To turn inward and start getting in touch with that inner child. What did you like to do as a kid? Were you allowed to do anything that did not involve pushing Watch Tower literature into someone's hands? Turn off the electronics for at least an hour a day and meditate on what goals you want for yourself. Take out that journal and reacquaint yourself with a pen and write down your thoughts, letting them flow freely, brainstorming some ideas that involve independence from Watch Tower.

Yes, it may be difficult, but as some say, the first step is always the hardest. Don't give up on yourself or on your spirituality.

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