The Quiet Activist

The Quiet Activist

Monday, April 9, 2018

Who Controls You?

If you are still an active Jehovah's Witness (JW), then you must honestly answer that you are not in control of your own thoughts, actions, or beliefs. You may feel secure in the fact that you are not in control and can't move right or left, but must face forward and be focused only on the JW organization. You may like to simply sit back and zone out and listen to the instructions from the JW literature and from the weekly public talks and the regional conventions that are held throughout the year at various locations only to find out that you are stagnate in life, having no real friends, a job instead of a career that you actually enjoy, and maybe a family that is only with you because of the ties within the congregation.

Other persons are literally starting to wake up to the reality that the Watch Tower Corporation knows little about how to guide you in this life, to prosper physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You may think I am wrong in saying this. Well, compare where you were five years ago and where you are today. You are the same, right? Still doing the treadmill of weekly meetings, door-to-door recruitment activities or standing my a JW literature cart thinking this counts as preaching the good news of God's Kingdom to the public when you are just staring down at your phone reading text messages waiting for your mandated hours to be up and you can go home and sit and wait for the next JW meeting at the Kingdom Hall.

Where will you be in five years keeping up this same JW routine? You will be the same. You will be stagnate in life. You may think this is fine, I am still young - uh, right, that is the point. The JW leadership of men at the headquarters compound in the New York area, want to steal your youth and destroy any chance you may have in this life. Once you reach 30, 40, or 50, and see that your life meant nothing but pushing JW literature in peoples' hands, and your own life is stagnate, never growing, learning, prospering financially so you can work towards a safe, bright future, no, the Watch Tower has stolen your dreams from you and now that you have woken up at maybe 30, 40 or 50, you see you can no longer afford to go to college and may not have the strength to go to college. Even if you decide to go back to school and you are past 40 years old, no employer is hiring a college grad at 40, they are hiring that 21 year old or the 25 year old who completed college in a profession they chose.

How do you stop other people from controlling you? How do you start making your own decisions? Obviously, if you still live at home with your parents, you must obey them. However, it doesn't mean you can't start planning now for your future. High School and community colleges offer career counseling. Don't be afraid if your parents threaten you with eviction. Start now and think about forming some solid friendships outside of the JW culture. You can do this by confiding in a friend now, tell them your plans. You need a solid foundation in this life first, then you can explore other options once you are stable in your life.

If you are an adult and decide to think for yourself, it can be very scary. Seek out non-JW online self-help videos and websites. Seek out friends at work who may or may not be religious. Religion really has nothing to do with this. You can be a spiritual person and realize that a Grand Creator or Godlike Being made this earth and all life without joining any religious group.

Are you constantly watching the official JW Broadcasting videos? Have you noticed the large blue screen behind the speaker? It has wavy lines going through the constantly moving image that can cause a hypnotic effect upon the viewer as you listen to the speaker's rehearsed and scripted lines that are meant to draw in the viewer to start agreeing with the statements made. They show a video of someone crying to get the viewer to cry or show you a sad lonely person who needs JW literature crammed on bookshelves in order to be happy. They may show you a vision of their manufactured scene of the "new system", a future world they think they can promise will happen, but they can't. No human has power over your life or your death. No human can give you everlasting life on any paradise in heaven or on earth. Yet, this is what they are selling to you. Click off the JW channel and you will slowly start to think more rationally.

The blue colors, spheres, and images are commonly used by the U.S. Government,
the United Nations, and by the Freemasons, as well as in their logos as do the JWs.
That video screen behind the speaker is constantly in motion.
Image is from JW.ORG

The monthly JW broadcasting videos are designed to funnel you into a specific direction:

1) Calm, slow way of speaking.
2) Hypnotic background.
3) May include an experience from a third-world country to make you embarrassed about how much you have in the U.S. and in Western societies.
4) Get you to feel sad and start to cry over some poor JW in another part of the world having to walk barefoot for miles to a Kingdom Hall.
5) Then, their vision of everlasting life on an earthly paradise.
6) Finally, donate to their world-wide work.

Hey, I don't listen to those JW videos! I watch only commentary on them by an alleged ex-JW who views himself as an expert on the JW religion! Wrong. Turn off the commentary videos and websites too. They are designed to sucker you into their own world of mind control techniques, getting you hooked on their YouTube channels, clicking on their ads, and getting you hooked on every word that comes from the JW headquarters and somehow, making you feel you need to know what they are doing or saying at every moment. Trust me, you don't. You need to turn away from these types of YouTube channels and start focusing on that one person that needs to get moving and get on with their life, that being you, dear reader.

The JW organization never changes. They come up with new schemes, new videos, new gimmicks, all designed to make you think they are moving forward, when they are moving in circles, desperate to come up with more cash grab schemes from recycled gimmicks that worked decades ago and they update them for today's membership. They want you sitting home and afraid of the outside world unless you have JW literature in your hand or pushing a JW literature cart around a mall. Same with the constant ex-JW YouTube commentary videos that seem to get longer and longer in length, making you sit there for 2 hours or more listening to their opinions or simply insulting the Governing Body and their monthly broadcasts creating frustration inside of the viewer. Turn off these useless videos and start looking towards something that will bring you away from the mind controlling techniques used by Watch Tower and those who feel they have left yet are still obsessed with their every move. The JW leadership fuel ignorance and so do some ex-JW YouTubers, as if you can't think for yourself. 

Start a journal and get your thoughts on paper. Spend time with yourself away from interruptions for at least an hour per day. Ask yourself these questions. They may help sort things out for you and provide you with new clarity in your life:

1) What are you attracted to that you take for granted?

2) What repels you?

3) Where did your reactions to these questions come from in the first place? Where did your opinions come from? A mental barrier goes up with certain words with a negative association. Ask yourself why you react in a certain way to words, thoughts, or impressions. Not just related to the JW organization, but to life. Where did your world view come from?

4) Are you not open to other beliefs or opinions? Why can't men cry? Why do women have to be cooks and housewives? You get the message here.

5) How can you change your response to the paradym?

6) How does it affect your health and energy?

7) What is the path to greater awareness or to your own self-destruction?

Get to the root of why you feel a certain way. Is it taken for granted, something good or bad? Have a fresh perspective on things and form no opinions at first. Explore new things in your life away from hearing someone else give their own opinions, whether it's critical or not of the Watch Tower teachings. Don't let other people give you an opinion, start with looking objectively at an issue or policy of the Watch Tower organization. 

Don't keep looking for validation for what you choose to believe or not. Take things one step at a time, there is no rush to leave the JWs, but you can start distancing yourself by missing meetings, stop going out in their preaching working, take a step back and tell people you need to sort things out for yourself and take a sabbatical. Do not let threats of death and destruction sway your decision to leave the JWs, but again, there is no hurry. Work at your own pace.

The Bible and many belief systems are freely available to anyone. Fear is the first thing to set aside, including, being on your own. I was on my own when I first left the Watch Tower Society. I made my own way and continue to express myself in this blog and seek out new interests and read many books all the time. I have suggested YouTube channels in the footer of this blog from ex-JWs and non-JWs alike. I sometimes link to a good video from an ex-JW in my blog entries that I think are helpful.

A link to a very good NON-JW video to watch on this subject of mind control is below.

Once you stop being afraid to separate yourself from the JW mindset, you will find your life path starts to reveal itself to you. You will not regret it as you free yourself from the mind controlling effects of the JWs.

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