The Quiet Activist

The Quiet Activist

Friday, April 14, 2017

Realizing You're In the Wrong Place

It can be a gradual process or it may happen suddenly, when you realize that you are in the wrong place. This is a signal that you are waking up and expanding your knowledge. You have a feeling inside of you which will lead to an emotional break from your belief system, probably a belief that was instilled inside of you since birth or was instilled by your parents, teachers or the Elders in your church which will be reinforced by your circle of friends. 

Of course, I am speaking from the viewpoint of a born-in and raised Jehovah's Witness (JW), but it can easily apply to anyone raised in a high control group. As talked about on this blog, I suffered through many years of emotional, physical and verbal abuse from my indoctrinated JW parents which carried over into the congregations, since the Elders who are in charge make sure the edicts coming from the Watchtower, Bible and Tract Society are fully carried out and followed or you face expulsion and a life of isolation [called shunning by the Watchtower society]. My parents fully believed in the policies of the Watchtower society and used the religion as a tool to manipulate and control me, much like a cat plays with a mouse until it becomes so exhausted it can no longer move and lays there waiting for the cat to finish him off. The fight is taken out of the mouse. My parents isolated me from normal contact with kids my own age and I was raised around adults who were all indoctrinated in the Watchtower society, and yes, they do call it a "society" not a religion.

The Society is much like a cat playing with a mouse. They may or may not eventually kill you, but you become so exhausted and worn out from being chased by imaginary demons out in the world and tire from being battered around inside the cage of the organization with each passing decade of changed rules, policies and circular reasoning, that you finally give up and passively wait for death. Your death may be literal or figurative, in that you stop living but sit inside your home fearful of a Great Tribulation and Armageddon and feed your mind on a false hope of an earthly paradise while you remain stagnate in life, your paycheck flatlining while the cost of living rises and you feel trapped inside the cage built by the Society. You find you are wasting away while thinking the leadership of the JWs, the Governing Body, have power to grant you life or death in some vague new world on earth. They teach you nothing but show via their videos at their regional conventions and on their website, that you face a future of walking around in a daze watching wild animals walk by,  becoming zombie-like and just sit and read Watchtower literature. The Governing Body have deemed that only a literal number of 144,000 are slated for the heavenly realm, oh, but you are not in that group. So you sit and wait for something that never happens as you finally realize, you are in the wrong organization.

Charles Taze Russell formed the Bible Students movement and when he died the corporation changed its name to the Jehovah's Witnesses. The leadership now consists of normally seven members calling themselves the Governing Body who are self appointed men who have made various high level contacts throughout their lives to reach the top of the corporate structure and have deemed themselves members of that 144,000 going to heaven while claiming they have the power to grant humans eternal life on earth. They have the classic God complex, in that they believe they are gods on earth having power over life and death. 

Rest assured, no human has any power to grant you eternal life anywhere, whether it be heaven or on earth. They are mere mortals who believe they are the only way to salvation, pushing the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ aside. The Governing Body mandate that you give up your life now and only work to push their literature onto the public, thus pumping up the membership numbers and increasing monetary donations to their book publishing company. They demonize college educations, gaining knowledge of the universe, exploring various belief systems, expanding your horizons and doing anything that will wake you up from their constant rhetoric that everyone who is not a baptized JW is a bad and evil person. If you expand your knowledge, you will begin to wake up that the JWs are simply out for self-preservation. 

The Society demands that you leave all of your valuable possessions, your estate, everything, to them because they do not believe what they teach or preach, that millions now living will never die. No, they know you will die and when you do, they want to be the beneficiaries of your worldly possessions and money, even mandating that you do not pass your estate onto your family, whether or not they are JWs. They warp your world view and vision of your family whether or not they are baptized JWs because if you want eternal life on a paradise on earth, you must ensure you store up your treasures in the Watchtower corporation.

The Society's strict policies of avoiding certain life-saving medical blood transfusions and their shunning policies if you dare to disobey any of their rules and regulations, are fear tactics designed to make you immobile and stuck inside their organization. None of their fear tactics are Bible-based. These are their own rules. But as you grow and learn, you find that you are loyal to a book publishing company masquerading as a religion yet calling itself a society, a religious movement that had modest beginnings in Pennsylvania that somehow could afford to buy prime real estate in the Brooklyn Heights area of New York with the properties all but sold off now, making that society worth billions. Pretty nifty trick, but not really a trick at all since the founder of the movement, Charles Taze Russell, had deep seated roots in the Freemasons and through those connections, primarily the Rothschild family, he suddenly could afford prime real estate in New York and the rest is history. The Watchtower Society is worth billions and serve the ruling class of this globe since the goal is to gain great wealth and influence on the backs of the common person who works for wages day in and day out, while scrounging for a measure of personal happiness.

All throughout this religious movement's history, are decades of changing policies and beliefs to ensnare ignorant and fearful persons into taking that life-ending oath of allegiance to the organization and becoming a baptized member. There is no way out of this society. I have talked about how I have faded away, meaning, I am not disfellowshipped and never submitted a written disassociation letter. I simply walked out and told the Elders of my congregation at the time, that I was going on an extended vacation to visit a cousin [which was true] and that I was not sure when I would be returning [which was a lie, but you've got to lie sometimes in the game of spiritual warfare]. They stated they would schedule a "shepherding" call with me when I returned. A shepherding call is simply an interrogation session, where normally two Elders [or one Elder and one helper, called a Ministerial Servant] pay a personal visit to your home. They will inspect the premises for any worldly material, ask if you are living with anyone, if you are married, have children, and will proceed with a series of personal questions about your dating history, any prior marriages, the status of your family, your parents, your job, and a host of other questions.

Each time you move to a new congregation, two men will schedule an inspection of your home and sit down with you for several hours to discuss your status and to discuss your future in their congregation. If you are single and female, you will be expected to search for a husband or consider moving back home with your parents since the congregation Elders want no responsibility for your salvation and their wives are afraid you will steal their husbands. This is a fact folks, yes, they are living in archaic times. What I did upon returning from visiting my cousin, is that I never phoned my congregation to tell them I was back in town and of course never went back to the Kingdom Hall. I did receive numerous phone calls with no voicemail messages, knocks at my door that went unanswered with two men in suits waiting patiently to see if they heard anyone stirring inside my house. I ignored all of their attempts at contacting me and I eventually moved out of that area and never reconnected with a new congregation. 

Yes, I feel I got away clean, meaning, I would not subject myself to any meetings with the Elders. I had done nothing wrong, I had not disobeyed the laws of the Society, but I finally knew I was in the wrong place. The JW religion is the wrong place. Their belief systems are not Bible based. I never felt the need to sit down with them and talk to a stone wall of Elders explaining why the JW organization is false, that it's a false religion with made up teachings, archaic rules and tell them all about the unscriptural shunning policies and the misapplication of scriptures about the use of blood for medical purposes. By avoiding any meetings with the Elders also served another purpose, in that I could not be bullied into signing any letter of disassociation, which is their term they use as if to create a psychological break in the minds of indoctrinated JWs. It is a very creepy and disturbing policy, one that I avoided and just never spoke to another JW again once I made that final decision to walk away from this false religion. I have never regretted my decision and never looked back like Lot's wife, who looked back longingly at the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah when they were destroyed by angels of God. I will not be looking back in sadness when some Higher Power or earthly governments destroy the Watchtower corporation.

Persons who are currently trapped inside the Watchtower Society will finally wake up to the fact they are being used, as their shunning policies and denial of certain life-saving medical procedures are just tools that are used to manipulate and control the membership, as they are constantly being fed rotating rhetoric with each passing decade of dying JWs. Sometimes vaccinations were banned, now they are okay, the use of blood for medical purposes was okay, now it's banned except for small fractions, on and on with rehashing old beliefs and changing new beliefs while thinking up new stuff to control the membership. Oh yes, and all along promising a fantasy earthly new system of things that they cannot deliver. They are not God yet place themselves in that position on earth. Governing Body member Geoffrey Jackson has been quoted in court as saying they are the Guardians of Doctrine (GOD), when he was being questioned about their beliefs and policies. A quick search of YouTube videos for his name or "Geoffrey Jackson Royal Commission" will lead you to the court hearings by the Australian Royal Commission and you can see Mr. Jackson display his wealth and ego to the members of the court and the viewing public.

Waking up? It was a long process for me. I was under constant pressure from my parents to be a perfect little kid, meaning, say nothing, have no personal opinions, do not read books outside of the ones published by the Watchtower corporation and just be silent and obey them. When they decided I needed to impress the congregation, I was signed up for what is called "auxiliary pioneering" which is just that you pledge to get a certain amount of hours each month walking from door to door pushing JW literature onto people, invading their privacy each morning, insisting that it's literature from God, and it served to help my father become an Elder in the congregation since he had such a perfect and obedient daughter, one that was sequestered to her bedroom and allowed out only for meals, never to play with the neighborhood kids, never to participate in after school activities, and never encouraged to seek higher education or to have a career or a profession, just a job to meet daily expenses and nothing else. 

As I already talked about on this blog, I negotiated with my captors [my parents] for certain freedoms, one was that I was able to ride horses and eventually take professional riding lessons, but this was out of my own pocket when I was sent to work. As I have stated, I wish I had fought for my own freedom from my parents when I was old enough, and freedom from the Watchtower corporation so that I could have pursued many interests and had a career instead of just a job making barely above minimum wage while slaving for a false religion. I was taught by my indoctrinated JW parents to only live day to day and never plan for any future, a future I was told would never happen in "this system of things", but to wait on a book publishing company to fulfill that dream of a paradise on earth. Yes, I hated my existence but had no knowledge or skills to free myself, yet I was gradually waking up to the fake religion I was trapped in.

My many long years of being trapped inside that cage of the Watchtower corporation has led me here, to finally writing down my thoughts, impressions and personal experiences, hoping that I can help someone else walk away from the JW's false belief system. The fact that you are reading this blog, maybe watching some online videos, looking at various websites, is a sign you are finally realizing you are in the wrong place. The JW society is the wrong place to be. But prove it to yourself first. Start reading everything you can that is not published by the Society. Talk with other people of various beliefs and you will find your mind waking up. You will develop a fresh new outlook on life and will discover things that you never knew before. 

You will never regret obtaining knowledge and forming your own path in life. Hey, God was afraid you would obtain knowledge, right? If you believe in the God of the Bible, Satan, in the form of a reptile, told Eve that she should eat of the forbidden fruit and become like God, knowing good and bad. Is that a bad thing, to obtain knowledge? 

The Watchtower corporation demonizes higher education and gaining knowledge from anywhere but what is published by their corporation. Why was God fearful if Adam and Eve obtained knowledge of what is good and bad? Is the Bible to be taken literally? I don't have these answers, but guess what, I am enjoying the process of learning and thinking about the mysteries of life. I welcome you to your waking up process and realizing that you have been in the wrong place inside the JW organization. However, you are now on the path to finding the right place for you and at the right time, which is now.

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