The Quiet Activist

The Quiet Activist

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Chinks in the Armor

Here we are in a new year while many Jehovah's Witnesses (JWs) are having a crisis over saying Happy New Year to someone who wishes them the same thing as this is the kind of nonsense the Watchtower corporation has its membership obsessed with. 

When I was a JW, I would fret over someone wishing me a happy holiday and new year, gosh, would God strike me dead if I wished the same happy greeting to a worldly person? But, maybe it will open a door for me to preach to them and try and snag them into a religion with no exit door. 

That was how we were forced to think around the stressful holidays. Stressful not because we were caught up in the excitement of the season or searching for a nice gift for a loved one. No, it was because we had to remain separate from the world or die at the battle of Armageddon that would happen any day now, even though many religious people believe that is a spiritual war and that we are saved by the Grace of God and the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

So many YouTube channels have popped up by those claiming to be ex-JWs when it is obvious they are following an easy script and dialogue since many were only barely affiliated with the JW religion, if at all. One prominent YouTuber found a way to personal freedom via his Scientology affiliations and was featured in a Leah Remini/Mike Rinder cable TV show about cults. He used a survey format for his blog which is a common tactic of the Scientologists. They practically invented that marketing ploy. This is called a chink in the armor. Not all people are what they claim to be.  

Watchtower has a chink in their armor too. They claim to not celebrate any worldly holidays since they are based in paganism, and have roots in worshiping Lucifer. Even Christmas lights outside of a home is to beckon Lucifer to your home. In the old days before electricity, people would have candles burning in their windows for the Yuletide festival from December 21 - January 1. 

Watchtower bans anything relating to the worship of Lucifer yet demand a blood sacrifice from their membership on an altar [a hospital bed or operating table] by denying blood transfusions for medical reasons to save a life. Watchtower demands you have no contact with anyone who was a baptized JW and decides to leave. You may say that is really not a chink in their armor, but think about it, they view you as a follower of Satan the Devil, Lucifer, if you leave the Watchtower corporation. Is that a warped view of matters? Yes, in most cases, unless you were ousted from the JWs because you were a crook or preyed upon the congregation abusing your position as a Elder via sexting the girls and women in your Hall looking to hook up while married. I know, sometimes Watchtower gets it right.

The confusion with the JWs comes with their teaching to shun the Devil and anyone who leaves the organization [since they are now following the Devil just by their leaving], they shun all pagan holidays yet demand a blood sacrifice. Even their annual death mass to remember the death of Jesus Christ is a chink in their armor. Only those anointed by God can partake of the emblems when the Bible says anyone can, it depends on their heart condition at the time. The JWs also do not celebrate the resurrection of the Christ, only remember his death because they worship Jehovah and Christ is pushed off to one side.

I hope this year brings more clarity into your life as you take a second look at who you are following on YouTube who claim to be ex-JWs or who claim prominence as an authority when they were kicked out at about 25 years old and pretended to turn in their resignation letter to the Body of Elders since they thought it would make good copy for their online survey site or their YouTube channel. 

I hope you gain clarity with the fact that you can leave the Watchtower corporation and you can begin a life for yourself no matter what your age or economic status. Do not simply turn on the TV and expect salvation. Do not simply tune in to the Internet and expect salvation. It starts with you. Think about where you are right now and where you want to be by the end of 2019. How will this year read for you? Did you take that class you wanted to at the community college? Did you decide to take that job in another town or country? Did you decide to devote more time to personal development, picking up books about spirituality?

So funny about one ex-JW woman who frequently phones into a weekly Saturday Internet livestream program dealing with leaving the Watchtower. She claims to not care that her elderly JW mom is leaving millions of dollars of her estate to the Watchtower corporation; oh, it's not about the money! Just that she wished her mom would not be so devoted to a corporation that is all about the money and thinking you can pay for your eternal salvation.

Come to find out this was a deception, a chink in this self-righteous ex-JW's armor. She revealed on another online YouTube channel, that she called Social Services to report elder abuse by her JW brother-in-law that is married to her sister, and they are taking care of this million dollar mom. Social Services denied her claim. The brother-in-law stands to inherit a chunk of that money, with a portion going to the Watchtower corporation. This woman also stated that her siblings are JWs and she is not, so they all want her to come up with a legal loophole to get the money away from mom before she dies, or to contest the will. 

Watch out who you are following on YouTube, on the Internet, on any site where they claim to not care about the money. Oh, it's about wanting people out of the Watchtower corporation. No it's not. It really is all about the money. This same woman who frequently cries online about how Watchtower treated her, she was an adult when joining and an adult when leaving. She was not born in and raised in this cult like me and so many others were, who had no choice and our minds warped with the JW mindset and world view.

This same woman claims that the second this online weekly show begins talking about God, she slams down her phone. Yes, I know, it's because many who leave the Watchtower become Luciferian. They cannot stand anyone bringing up the Bible, God or Christ, it is a physical reaction and one I find extremely bizarre. I can talk about most subjects unless they are particularly gross or low class, but I can entertain discussions on the Bible, atheism, spirituality, mythology, and all other kinds of topics. I do not fear any discussions and it doesn't turn my stomach to bring up mainstream religion or talk about God or Christ. Again, this is a chink is someone's armor. It is a red flag.

Eventually you find out you no longer need to constantly obsess over other people's stories. You start to focus on your own life story and slowly you will see your own path unfolding before your eyes. Stop looking for external help. You can help yourself but it must start with a thought, a feeling, inside of you to better yourself. Now is the time to turn off the television, turn off other people's conversations, and take pen to paper and start a plan for 2019. You will never regret focusing on yourself for a change. Something the Watchtower corporation fears you will do. They love the constant YouTube chatter with everyone obsessing over their every move with the endless dumb commentary about their monthly videos that are on 

Nope, that is not you this year. Do you want the Watchtower to crumble? Turn away from it and turn away from the phonies who pretend to want the JW religion to come to an end. It means the end of themselves too since they have built nothing since leaving the Watchtower. They have nothing, are empty inside, but this is not you. Start now searching for your own spiritual path.

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